Google Schema Is Hurting Google for Jobs’ Growth & Experience — Jobiak on the Chad and Cheese Podcast

Jobiak’s CEO and founder, Venkat Janapareddy, recently appeared on Chad and Cheese as part of the top HR podcasts’ Voices series, which features some of the most influential figures in the recruitment industry.

In his last couple of appearances on the podcast, Venkat discussed the importance of salary estimates, SEO job descriptions, and, most recently, how the battle between Indeed vs Google for Jobs (GFJ) will affect recruitment marketing & job posts moving forward.

In this segment, Venket goes over something that is still a mystery to many: Google schema requirements and why they’ve been detrimental to GFJ’s growth and experience. 

The Problem with Google Schema Requirements

One of the major issues discussed in this episode (beginning at the 7:00 mark) is Google schema requirements

As Chad points out around the 6:30 mark, most companies and businesses aren’t able to get their jobs onto Google for Jobs themselves. They lack the resources, knowledge, and tech to be able to understand and satisfy the Google schema requirements and follow them well enough to get their jobs seen and clicked on.

The Google schema requirements are a big part of why Venket believes that GFJ hasn’t overtaken other job boards and platforms in the two years since it launched. Google’s schema are hard to follow and even harder to get results from

According to Venket, getting rid of the schema, or at least making it optional, “will revolutionize […the] Google for Jobs platform.”

How will it do that? Venket believes that when (yes, not if, but when) GFJ eliminates their schema requirements, Jobiak technology can help ATSs and RMPs more easily get their jobs directly on GFJ with links that bring candidates directly to an application on a career site. 

This will get businesses and their job listings seen more easily, get more traffic, and get more applications from these candidates thanks to the improved candidate experience and candidate traffic to these job ads.

Learn about other current issues with the online job market, how PPC comes into the mix, and what could be coming in GFJ’s future by listening to the latest Voices episode.

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