Programmatic Job Advertising and Why It’s So Effective

You’ve likely encountered programmatic job advertising, even if you didn’t realize it at the time. You’ve certainly come across its advertising relative, “remarketing,” on multiple occasions. If you’ve ever seen an ad enticing you with a similar product or service from a store you’ve already visited, this is remarketing in action. Programmatic job advertising serves a similar purpose, with the main difference being its target audience. Instead of targeting the best customers, programmatic job ads target the best candidates. 

Programmatic Job Advertising

Programmatic job advertising refers to a marketing strategy that targets the right candidates for open positions by strategically creating job visibility at opportune moments. In other words, it’s not just looking for talent; it’s about capturing the attention of the applicant best suited for the position by understanding their browsing habits. Programmatic job advertising relies on timing and opportunity; by targeting and capturing the attention of the right candidates at the perfect time, companies find great success with sourcing candidates from the appropriate talent pool.


Remarketing targets ads to people who have already visited a business’ website; the strategy works to keep the brand in mind by advertising the same product they had just viewed or another product or service. Think about when you were last shopping for something online; for example, suppose you searched for a new computer on a specific company’s website. In that case, you might have noticed advertisements encouraging you to visit their site again or check out a different product,  like a similar electronic that aligns with your interests. You may see the same product appear on another website or one of your social media accounts. 

Remarketing Strategies

Now that you know what remarketing is, those “random” ads that show up conveniently after browsing a specific website with similar products won’t seem coincidental anymore. These are very effective marketing strategies that purposely advertise to targeted audiences. 

Most websites include “cookies” that place customers on a remarketing audience list. 

Once this happens, users will notice very similar ads during their basic online interactions. If they see something they like, they’ll click on the ad that directs to the company’s website. Finally, they’ll interact with its website and potentially purchase a product from their store. 

Programmatic Job Advertising – Why it Works

The fact is that programmatic job advertising works just as well for employers and recruiters as remarketing tactics work for companies worldwide. Programmatic job advertisements are strategically placed on sites and platforms most likely to be viewed by the best possible candidates. 

For this to work well, recruiting systems/advertising platforms must accurately build candidate profiles from reliable data so that they’re not wasting time and resources placing ads in front of the wrong candidates. When the operation is completed well, programmatic job advertising saves recruiters precious time and money, increasing overall efficiency; it also allows recruiters to measure and analyze job ad success to adjust their approach if need be.

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