Google for Jobs 1+ Year Later — What the Modern Recruiting Landscape Means for Your 2019 Talent Acquisition Strategy

An Invitation for You

Have you felt a noticeable shift in applicant traffic? That’s because candidates are being retrained to stay on Google for their job search. Roughly 150 million searches on Google each month in the United States are job-related. Guess what results those job seekers are seeing first? Google for Jobs results.

We invite talent acquisition leaders to a webinar to learn how to leverage Google for Jobs and accelerate your candidate flow.  Join Tim Sackett of The Tim Sackett Project and Fistfull of Talent; Sarah Reynolds, VP of Marketing at; and Aaron Dun, Chief Growth Officer at Jobiak for this interactive webinar that looks at how Google for Jobs is impacting recruiting today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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Google for Jobs One Year Later: What the Modern Recruiting Landscape Means for Your 2019 Talent Acquisition Strategy

Thursday, December 6, 2018, 11:00 AM EST


You’ll walk away with answers to these important questions:

  • What is Google for Jobs, and what impact has it already had on the recruiting industry?
  • What is new with Google for Jobs, and what is expected to come next?
  • How should HR professionals manage pay transparency expectations now that Google includes salary information in job postings?
  • How does Google for Jobs fit with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?
  • What steps do recruiters need to take now to stay ahead in 2019 and beyond?

With the unemployment rate holding at 3.7 percent, now more than ever it’s crucial that your job posting process is both streamlined and aligned with your job seekers. Companies of all sizes are taking steps to make sure that their jobs are front and center on Google for Jobs.  Stay ahead of your competition. Gain the know-how to integrate Google for Jobs into your 2019 talent acquisition strategy in this webinar.

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