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Finding the right employees is a daunting task. The glut of candidates applying for positions can be overwhelming for human resources teams. The number of places to post a job are growing by the week. And the different ways to evaluate talent changes from company to company.

How are HR and recruitment teams supposed to know what will work best for them? What are the latest best practices? What can the field of talent acquisition expect moving forward?

Keep up with the latest trends in the field on Jobiak News.

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How AI Can Erase Hiring Bias (or Amplify It)

How AI Can Erase Hiring Bias (or Amplify It)

Hiring bias can be detrimental, and the company may not even know it’s taking place. How can we use our technology and knowledge today to combat it? AI-based tools have emerged as one of the most important technological advancements in recruiting, ever. AI and machine learning tools have been applied to automation(s) to help businesses […]