Google is making a strategic effort in India to gain a stronger footing in the online job posting market. The online giant has re-launched the app formerly known as Jobs Spot — originally launched in Bangladesh and Indonesia in September 2018 — and rebranded it as Kormo Jobs. But what is Kormo?

Kormo Jobs is the latest venture similar to a Google Job board. Google has initiated Kormo Jobs in the emerging markets, like India. Google hopes to help with job access and online job visibility in the world’s second-most populous country — home to over 1.3 billion people.

Unlike other job hosting/posting platforms, Kormo aims to help job seekers and employees hire with Google to fill entry-level jobs. Both job seekers and employers are verified by Google before participating in the platform.

Industry players say that the move will help Google further displace the competition like LinkedIn or Indeed.

On the Chad and Cheese Podcast, Chad Sowash recently discussed some of the regional/market factors that led to Google’s development and push of Kormo Jobs:

“So they originally had a jobs function in Google pay in India and India is a very mobile country, as I’m sure most listeners know,” Sowash said. “And they’re trying to help those individuals pay with more than just cash. So that’s where Google Pay was big. And then they had jobs in it as well. Apparently, the jobs function was going so well, they broke it out into Kormo”

The entry-level sector of the job market has not seen much focus from major platforms like LinkedIn or Indeed. Kormo Jobs is seizing an opening in the market to help those looking for an entry into the job market with a desire to participate in the global economy.

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What is Kormo? How Can It Help You?

What is Kormo Jobs equipped to do? The app adopts the ease-of-use philosophy and widespread accessibility that almost all Google apps have. It’s simple to use and meant to help employers and job seekers connect quickly. 

Because Kormo Jobs’ focus is entry-level positions, the app has built-in features that aid job seekers with career development skills. 

When job seekers begin to build out their profile on Kormo Jobs, the app asks what their interests and skills are. Google will populate their feed with jobs that make the most sense for users to apply for.

There is a dedicated place for job seekers to create, develop, and refine their CV. Courses, skill-building exercises, and other educational content are also available directly within the app. 

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Why Is India a Great Market For Kormo Jobs? 

India is an extremely mobile-centric country. According to a recent study by App Annie, India leads the way in app-download growth. 165% more apps were downloaded in India in 2018, than in 2016. This makes India the second-largest market in the world for mobile app downloads.

In addition to the mobile-focused marketplace, Google reaches about 400 million users per month in India.  

The effects of COVID-19 have been very hard on India’s job market and economy. The official unemployment rate for the country sits between 8-9%, but some economists think this number inaccurate and the real number is likely much higher.

A significant number of workers in India have migrated to agricultural work opportunities. Many Indian workers are still employed but have experienced enough reduction in salary to be considered underemployed.

Kormo Jobs is designed to help job seekers find work quickly, and be found quickly. Also, jobs eekers can develop their skill sets to become attractive to more employers. The services Kormo Jobs is offering are very helpful to a suffering workforce and recovering economy.  

How Kormo Jobs Could Impact the U.S. Market 

Google could very well be thinking about the features and strengths of Kormo Jobs that could be adapted for Google for Jobs in the US market.

Sowash of The Chad and Cheese Podcast discussed how unlike LinkedIn, Google is highlighting the value of being found on the most powerful jobs search engine on the planet. Not simply using a professional social networking tool with jobs in it. 

“Instead of LinkedIn being a social or a social professional network with jobs in it, Google’s coming at the social network more as a search functionality,” he said. “Hey, you want to be found? You want people to be able to find you? Use the largest search engine in the world to be able to do so.” 

This unique operating prospect of Kormo Jobs being a great job discovery and search tool first, and business networking tool second, might help Google better differentiate itself. It could incorporate this philosophy into Google for Jobs for the US market. 

So, what is Kormo Jobs to the US market? While anything is possible, it appears for now that Kormo Jobs will not be migrating to the United States job market anytime soon. This is for a few reasons.

A large factor, as Chad & Cheese allude to, is that Europe and the United States have more established and stringent antitrust laws that some of the larger emerging markets, like India, do not have. These regulations would make it much harder for Google to simply migrate the platform as is over the United States.

Also, Google launched Google for Jobs back in 2017. Since the job hosting platform was created, Google has worked to make the tool immediately recognizable in the United States online job posting sphere. 

You want people to be able to find you? Use the largest search engine in the world to be able to do so – Chad Sowash

It would be unlikely that Google would decide to cast aside their efforts and progress made with Google for Jobs, and rebrand with the Kormo Jobs app. But, that doesn’t mean that Google is not thinking about the features and strengths of Kormo Jobs that could be adapted for the Google Jobs search engine in the US market.

Kormo has been credited for having a great UX experience. For jobseekers, You can work on your CV or resume in-app, and apply with the click of a button, among other convenient “one-stop-shop” features.

For employers, it’s possible to schedule interviews/meetings, manage candidates, and communicate with applicants all from within the app. Not to mention the convenience of Kormo integrating seamlessly with the Google ecosphere. 

What Is Next For Google For Jobs?

Google will have lots of data to work with, thanks to Kormo Jobs in India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. 

As mentioned before, it’s likely Google for Jobs will benefit from what Kormo learns within its first months and years in operation in these emerging markets. It will be fascinating to see what Google decides to incorporate into Google for Jobs as Kormo becomes a force in the eastern job markets. 

To learn more about Google for Jobs, and how it can help create job visibility and attract the right talent for your business in the US, please contact us.

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