Google for Jobs Data Uncovers Interesting Trends

Calling all HR, recruiters, and talent acquisition leaders: we want your input on what hiring trend data would be most useful!

When you’re sourcing talent, it’s helpful to know how you stack up against other companies who are competing for the best candidates. Google for Jobs is a significant resource when it comes to data that reveals the latest hiring and recruitment trends.

We are in the process of pulling data to create a report that provides a snapshot of U.S. job posting activity. To date, we have looked at 2.5 million jobs in 500 cities with over 100,000 job titles. Below are samples of data visualizations of key job posting information based on data pulled from January 1 to February 28, 2019. This is intended to be a sample of what we can provide.

What Google for Jobs trend information would you like us to uncover and share? Let us know on our “Contact Us‘ page by referencing this blog. 

Based on your input, we will publish quarterly reports. From these reports, we invite you to use the graphics to tell stories and make informed decisions.  We look forward to hearing from you.

U.S. Job Postings Snapshot/ Hiring Trends Sample

Statistics for recruiters: U.S. Job posting snapshot based on Google for Jobs data


For the U.S. Job posting snapshot, we looked at:

  • How many companies drive candidates to their career site?
  • What apply site options are the most common?
  • What percentage of companies post a salary range in the job posting?
  • Which job titles appear the most during this time period?
  • What cities are posting the most jobs?

What else would you like to know? Have your say here.

U.S. Regional Job Posting Info Sample

What are the top jobs titles and top employers in Boston, New York, NY and San Francisco -- based on Google for Jobs Data?


In this graphic we show:

  • Which titles are appearing the most on Google for Jobs in specific regions in the United States.
  • What employers are posting most jobs in Boston, New York, NY, and San Francisco.

Have a hiring statistic you would you like to see added?  Be sure to tell us so we can make these reports useful for HR teams, and recruitment and staffing agencies.

Jobiak takes the stage at Hiring Success 19new regions being added to Google for Jobs