Google for Jobs October 1st Updates – What Are the Guidelines?

In October of 2021, Google rolled out major updates to the Google for Jobs platform. There are a few factors that led Google to push forward with this pivotal fall update. However, Google primarily made the updates due to inaccurate job descriptions provided by employers/recruiters and a desire for a higher-quality experience for job seekers. 

Before the new update, Google dealt with employers who could not optimize job descriptions properly for the platform. Poor job descriptions, bad grammar, and uncalibrated data made it difficult for job seekers to trust their searches. For these reasons, Google has decided to step in and help make the process easier. 

New Google Guidelines For October 2021

Since Google’s recent announcement, employers must focus more on their job descriptions to be hosted on the platform. Google’s goal is to help job seekers find trustworthy and reputable companies. To avoid scams, safety concerns, or poor working experiences, Google will take a deeper look at job postings. From now on, first impressions will be everything. To keep up with the job search algorithm’s requirements, here are the guidelines employers/recruiters must follow to meet Google’s new standards for Google for Jobs. 

New Editorial Content Policies

  • Proper Grammar

Google will be cracking down on grammatical errors and misspelled words. As of now, any job posting that isn’t edited before release will need to be revised. Google is now viewing postings as first impressions of the employer. Google asks that companies take the extra step to quality-check/proofread their job postings before presenting them to prospects. 

Google is asking for better spelling, grammar, and punctuation; job postings should also avoid acronyms and abbreviations as they can lead to miscommunication. Brevity is important; leaning out job descriptions is the new goal for Google.

  • More Informative Descriptions

While Google is asking for brevity, it doesn’t mean they want less descriptive information. The job descriptions need to include everything a job seeker should know, including a strong and accurate title that captures the job seeker’s attention. The job description should focus on the position details and what a prospective employee should expect.

The Direct Apply Feature

Regarding UX and streamlining the application process, Google will certify sites that offer job seekers the “direct apply” experience. Google defines the direct apply criteria as: 

  • The user completes the application process on your site.
  • Once arriving at your page from Google, the user doesn’t have to click apply and provide user information more than once to complete the application process.

The direct apply experience for job postings is optional as of October 2021. Still, Google will most likely reward postings with the direct apply feature with more visibility and better search rankings.

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