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Jobiak’s DNS A & DNS B on-boarding solutions enable you to optimize all your jobs on Google with the simple addition of subdomain on your website. 

To ensure that you have everything you need to get up and running smoothly, we’ve composed the following list of FAQs pertinent to these solutions.

[expand title=”How do I configure the DNS A &/or DNS B solutions?”]

Step-by-step instructions for configuring and setting up the DNS A & DNS B solutions can be found here[/expand]

[expand title=”Jobiak isn’t able to verify my sub-domain setup…why might this be happening?”]

There are a few reasons that we might run into issues with the verification of your sub-domain:

    • Your sub-domain isn’t associated with Jobiak.
      • Please ensure that your sub-domain is created with the name “Jobiak
    • You haven’t created a CNAME record.
      • A CNAME record is a type of resource record in your DNS that maps one domain name to another. In order to verify the creation of a sub-domain, a CNAME record must be in place. 
    • Your CNAME record is pointed incorrectly.
      • Please ensure that you point your CNAME record to [/expand]

[expand title=”What name/source will appear on my Google analytics report for jobs coming through my partnership with Jobiak?”]

In general, the source will be ‘Jobiak’ for all of our customers that track their results in Google analytics.

In some instances, however, the source will show up as ‘other’. [/expand]

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