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Pixel Script FAQs

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Jobiak’s pixel solution enables you to optimize all your jobs on Google with nothing more than the addition of a  javascript snippet on your website/jobs page. A hassle-free, code-free, design-free solution.

To ensure that you have everything you need to get up and running smoothly, we’ve composed the following list of FAQs.

[expand title=”What do I need to check on my website to make sure the pixel script will work?”]

Your domain and job details page should be enabled with an SSL certificate. [/expand]

[expand title=”Why wouldn’t the pixel script work for me?”]

  1. Your domain and job detail pages aren’t enabled with an SSL certificate.
  2. Your job URLs have a “#” in between the URL pattern
  3. Your job URLs are hosted by an ATS. [/expand]

[expand title=”How do I generate the pixel script?”]

You can find step-by-step instructions for generating and integrating the pixel script here[/expand]

[expand title=”I’m not using Jobiak for all of my jobs. Do I still need to install the script site-wide, or only for the pages that I want to test?”]

The short answer is both.

The script needs to be added to your main domain, as well as all the pages that you want to test. You are welcome to limit it to your homepage, but the results may not be as strong. [/expand]

[expand title=”Google isn’t able to verify the script…why?”]

This could be happening for a few reasons

  1. Your script is placed outside the code base and is being called dynamically 
  2. The script is incorrectly placed.
    • Please make sure that the code is placed just after the header tag <head> before any other script loads. This way, Google will not be able to authenticate the script faster, but the solution will be most effective. [/expand]

[expand title=”Why do I need the ‘google-site-verification meta-tag?”]

The site verification tag authorizes Jobiak to post jobs to Google on your behalf, making sure that you’re aware this is happening. It is an additional security measure to ensure data integrity. [/expand]

[expand title=”How does Jobiak verify the pixel script?”]

We use Google’s search console meta tag for verification. [/expand]

[expand title=”What happens once I successfully install the pixel?”]

Upon successful installation, the email id associated with your account will receive a “Welcome Email” that contains log-in details as well as further instructions for getting the most out of the Jobiak platform. [/expand]

[expand title=”What name/source will appear on my Google analytics report for jobs coming through my partnership with Jobiak?”]

In general, the source will be ‘Jobiak’ for all of our customers that track their results in Google analytics. 

In some instances, the source will show up as ‘other’. [/expand]

[expand title=”What will load in our clients’ browsers once the script is running?”]

Your clients will only see your landing page. Jobiak doesn’t change the layout to be shown to clients, so it will be as though we don’t even exist! 

With the script in place, Jobiak selects all essential job parameters (like description, title, etc.) from the job pages which is optimized and then posted on Google. The landing page that is shown to Google is different from what clients see. This intermediary step exists only between Jobiak and Google for Jobs. 

To put it simply: the script enables Jobiak to simultaneously display different pages to Google and the client. [/expand]

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