Jobiak Revolutionizing Programmatic Job Advertising

Currently, it is a job seeker’s market with the number of open jobs in the United States ranging between 7-10 million at any given time, with hiring lead times increasing. The problem compounding the hiring challenge is these jobs are scattered across the internet on millions of corporate career pages and job boards; there’s not a lot of consolidation but plenty of inefficiencies and headaches for both the applicant and recruiting companies. 

Search engines have made it easier to find open positions in the past ten years. Google reports 300 million monthly job-specific searches, which translates into 73% of all initial job searches(1). To capitalize on this, Google launched Google for Jobs in 2017. The service consolidates open jobs submitted by applicant tracking systems (ATS), job boards, Recruitment MarketingPlatforms (RMP), recruiters, enterprises, and small businesses—a major step forward in streamlining the job search process. 

Programmatic Job Advertising Publishers & Google for Jobs

Programmatic advertising publishers have figured out how to bring a paid form of open job consolidation to the job market. Their approach is remarkably simple on the exterior; they layer over the top of all the major job boards, search engines, and social media platforms and point the job ads to likely candidates when they are ready, regardless of what site the job is on. While simple on the outside, it’s more complex under the hood. Programmatic advertising utilizes complex algorithms to show people the right ads, at the right time, and in the right place, based on their likelihood of engaging with the advertisement(2). 

Programmatic advertising publishers save job seekers time and frustration because they will see interesting job opportunities that present themselves tailored to their interests and job search history. 

For recruiters and business leaders with open positions, gone are the days of dealing with multiple job boards. Programmatic advertising requires a single point of contact for their open positions. Additionally, programmatic advertising is a true supply and demand model where the cost-per-click for a job ad fluctuates according to the demand for the job type; this happens automatically, along with the placement start and the expiration dates.

Jobiak is the only partner to the programmatic industry who can ensure 100% job visibility on Google for Jobs and top 10 ranking in the job seekers’ search results. 

In early 2021, Jobiak partnered with the country’s largest programmatic job advertising firm, Appcast. Our work with Appcast consists of leveraging our one-of-a-kind AI and machine learning platform to optimize and post up to 3 million sponsored jobs on Google for Jobs; all ranked in the top 10 positions and with the new direct-apply capability. 

The results of our work have attracted all the leading programmatic advertisers in the country to Jobiak because we are the only firm with the technology to automatically optimize their jobs on Google for Jobs, producing predictable positive results.

As we continue to scale our engagement with programmatic advertising firms in 2022, Jobiak will at any given time be responsible for optimizing and distributing over 5 million jobs through Google for Jobs. This figure establishes Jobiak as the number one publisher for paid jobs on Google for Jobs in the world while truly revolutionizing the programmatic job advertising landscape in the United States.

Gain An Edge Working With Jobiak

Jobiak’s mission is to fuse machine learning technology with practical recruitment approaches and proven marketing funnel strategies to transform the candidate recruitment process, accelerate qualified candidate flow, and reduce hiring costs and time.

Jobiak has accomplished this by introducing an industry first by automating the conversion and optimization of job descriptions to meet Google’s schema requirements. This has enabled Jobiak to fully leverage the power of Google to make any online job available in the top 10 search results to its customers’ job seekers. In addition, it is also the first in the industry to scrape 100% of all online jobs in real-time by fully leveraging its AI and ML capabilities. The AllJobs database currently consolidates 7 million open positions from across the United States, and the jobs are available as a service via our Global Jobs Distribution Platform (GJDP)

The 7 million jobs illustrate the widespread need for Jobiak’s optimization services; 60% don’t use the Javascript Object Notion (JSON), a core Google requirement, which means they don’t appear on GJF with the direct-apply option. Working with Jobiak, the owners of these unoptimized jobs would qualify for GFJ Direct Apply practically overnight. They would also reap the benefits of being in the top 10 search results. 

Our GJDP service has attractive benefits for job board owners, programmatic job advertisers, and businesses in the search and social recruiting space. By forming a strategic licensing partnership with Jobiak to access the jobs data, our partners have scaled their businesses exponentially in a short time.

If you’re looking for a way to expand your business or fill positions quickly, learn more about becoming a strategic partner of Jobiak and AllJobs.

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