Not all Machine Learning
Tech are Created Equal

Jobiak has assembled some of the best minds in the machine learning industry to solve a specific problem

Q: How do you read loosely structured data, look for a number of key attributes, and then create a structured output based on those key attributes—all in near real time using machine learning?

Advanced machine learning technology is the foundation

The goal is to use advanced machine learning technology as the foundation to streamline the solution for a complex problem. Further, manage your job posts through a clean user interface to manipulate the structured output. Thankfully, it’s no longer required to know developer languages like HTML and JSON – Jobiak resolves this crucial issue.

There are numerous opportunities to deploy this advanced solution to create real value for users. This includes event postings, restaurant websites, product pages, business pages, software applications, and articles among others. Currently, Jobiak is focused on a very real problem facing the recruitment industry.

How is Jobiak doing this?

Jobiak is first applying this advanced machine learning algorithm and process to the recruiting industry. As you may know, it’s no secret the recruiting industry is currently under siege from many different sources. Most notably, Google has launched Google for Jobs. This new service is threatening the very process by which recruiters and talent acquisition teams have relied upon for years.

Common problem and the Jobiak solution

Recruiters who are rarely technical are now required to add complex HTML schema tags to their job posts. This ensures that their jobs are available on the new Google for Jobs platform. However, without any technical resources on their team that knows code, this can be daunting. For example, solutions to date have involved expensive developer API integration tools. Another route is even paying to post each job to an external job board that has integrated with Google for Jobs. Also, too commonly companies rely on the recruiter’s rigid Applicant Tracking System – this is very restrictive. As you can see, each of these options are either cost-prohibitive at scale, or create a less-than-optimal candidate experience.

Jobiak Speeds Process to Post Jobs to Google for Jobs

Jobiak has removed this friction by training its platform to automatically identify the attributes that Google requires to appear in the job posting tags. This includes the date posted, description, salary, employment type, hiring organization, job location, title, and when the job is valid through.

Once identified, Jobiak automatically structures the data into the required HTML tags. Next Jobiak embeds the tag within the job posting, publishes the page to the web, and then signals to Google to crawl this new job post. Our direct connection to Google means that customers using our jobs platform can see their job post appear in the Google for Jobs search results within hours, if not minutes.

Recruiters and talent acquisition managers using the Jobiak platform utilize a streamlined review portal to confirm that attributes are correct, or make adjustments to further optimize their listing. When changes are made, our translation engine kicks off and republishes the job posting without a need for further input. Above all, Jobiak is simple, smart, and elevates  your company’s job posts to the next level!

Advance Machine Learning Technology With
90% Success in Predicting Google Jobs Tags