Recruiting Tips For Hiring Fast & Efficiently

The most successful recruiting teams around the world understand that if a company’s recruiting efforts and strategies are stagnant and outdated, the business will lose out on the most desirable candidates. In this article, we’re providing you with some lasting recruiting tips and strategies.

Recruiting takes agility and a willingness to adapt to the tools, technologies, and resources that are ahead of the curb. Successful companies grow, and with that growth comes necessary adaptability.

These recruiting tips should help talent acquisition teams make the most of their time and find the right jobseekers fast and efficiently.

It’s also worth noting before we delve in: the “tips” that you need are going to depend on your situation. It’s no different than reading self-improvement tips, workout tips, business productivity tips, etc. Where you need the most recruiting guidance is going to depend on how your recruiting efforts are doing right now.

The recruiting tips below are ones that can be applied to anyone, no matter their situation.

Recruiting Tips For Great Employer Branding 

As a reminder, employer branding is how a business is perceived by both employees internally and potential employees externally. Employer branding upkeep is crucial in 2020, and one of the most important recruiting tips businesses can’t afford to ignore. 

A business that has a reputation for treating its employees poorly and keeps a lackluster company culture will have a more difficult time attracting top-tier talent than companies that respect and champion their team members.

Employers who deploy DEI programs can have a competitive edge in the war for talent

Ian Siegel, ZipRecruiter Co-Founder, and CEO

Consider that over half of adults feel positive company culture & values are more important than their salary. Most employees would rather work at a company that values its employees’ workday experience and life satisfaction levels over companies that can offer a larger salary. Employees are less likely to suffer burnout and mental health issues if they are working at a company that values them as people and supports their needs. 

A foundational component of strong employer branding is maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace. As businesses continuously learn how to be more inclusive and diverse, employees and job candidates appreciate the efforts.

Eighty-six percent of job seekers say that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)  is an important factor when they are searching for jobs. By committing to be inclusive and diverse while assembling their workforce, businesses can expect those efforts to reflect positively in employer branding and overall success with efficient recruiting.

“Millennials and Generation X together account for over two-thirds of today’s U.S. labor force. When close to 90% of them say that a company’s concrete commitment to workplace diversity affects their decision to work there, it means that employers who deploy DEI programs can have a competitive edge in the war for talent,” said Ian Siegel, ZipRecruiter Co-Founder, and CEO.

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Generate A Strong Candidate Pipelin

Adopting a proactive approach to candidate recruitment is a necessary strategy to stay ahead of hiring trends and avoid the lulls in the talent pools. Not to mention, some of the best candidates out there might be ones who aren’t looking for jobs — until they’re nudged.

It’s already too late if talent acquisition teams must reactively scramble to find a suitable candidate for a role that has unexpectedly opened up. This not only puts lots of stress on the HR teams, but leaves businesses desperate to hire and more likely to end up with a less than ideal candidate filling the role.  

It used to be that networking in-person, attending job fairs, and holding recruitment booths at conferences was a great way to attract talent and have face-to-face conversations. COVID-19 has changed recruiting, and companies with a strong and impactful digital presence will be reaping the benefits. 

In addition to sourcing, a talent acquisition team can cast a large and effective “fishing net” in the talent pool if they are well-optimized to do so. 

This means having well-optimized and highly visible online job posts. Using the power of Google for jobs will help recruitment teams proactively cultivate talent for their pipelines for when they need recruits are pivotal times.

By having well-optimized and high-ranking job posts, increased visibility will lead to more qualified candidates. This will give you a better chance of reaching the jobseekers who are most desirable for the open roles.

Understand Your KPIs – Always Be Improving

Recruitment teams and hiring managers need accurate data to reconcile their performance and effectiveness. By using performance-based measurements, hiring teams can gain insight into which methods, strategies, and components of the hiring process are working well, and which need improvement. 

At Talent Connect 2018, HR Guru, Glen Cathey prosed some questions to the audience, most of which were talent acquisition professionals. He pointed out that many hiring managers will hand down a number and say “we need to recruit this many by this day” but they will have no data to instruct how they came up with that goal number 

“When we’re talking about setting hiring goals, it has to be based on data,” he said. “When it’s data-driven, it’s based on what the team can actually produce — not just somebody saying we need to be at this number by the end of the year.”

Putting this performance data into practice is where the rubber meets the road. Setting challenging but attainable goals for your recruitment team, based on data, will give your businesses a baseline to aim for and provide an excellent benchmark for the next time a measurable round of hiring needs to happen.  

Recruiting Tips For The Future

We know that for the foreseeable future, most recruiting efforts will be remote, as with much of the hiring processes. 73% of jobseekers start their job search with Google, which is why more businesses are turning to Google to optimizing their recruiting efforts. Learning how to efficiently recruit and hire with Google is a worthwhile investment for any business. 

To learn more recruiting tips and to learn more about how Google for Jobs can improve your business’ recruiting performance, please contact us.

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