Upskilling – Employees Looking for Self Investment

As the labor market remains tight and competitive while the Great Resignation still goes strong, employers are taking new steps to improve employee retention measures and attract desirable candidates. Through extensive recruiting research, businesses allocate lots of expenditure to understand how to improve their retention strategies and have advantages over competitors. 

To be expected, higher wages are a driving force for job seekers exploring the market right now. However, businesses are finding it’s not enough to simply present generous wages, as many job seekers are looking for better work/life balance and ways to invest in their skill sets to be better suited for the roles of the future. 

Upskilling Employees

“Upskilling” means offering employees opportunities and resources to learn new skills and further their development. Upskilling has become a hot topic amongst HR teams and a cornerstone for recruitment marketing strategies in 2021 and early 2022.

It has come to light that employees respond to company loyalty and skill set development opportunities, especially as it is estimated that 58% of employees will need to adapt/enhance their skills to succeed in their roles. The COVID-19 pandemic has only widened the skills gap for many and job seekers re-entering the workforce will want to reassess and improve their work skills. Job seekers do not want to be another number in a large company; they desire a more human connection and be more than a cog in the machine. 

What Can Employers Offer?

To meet this demand, employers have the opportunity to highlight upskilling opportunities in their recruitment marketing efforts. 

Upskilling opportunities may include, but not be limited to:


  • Paid higher-ed courses – Many businesses offer to contribute towards or completely reimburse expenses for employees to receive certifications through courses.
  • Training programs – Both in-house and off-site paid training programs that best prepare employees to succeed at their positions and help them plan for the next phase in their career.
  • Skills gap assessment tests – Park of upskilling is gaining clear insight into capabilities employees bring to the table and what course of action will help improve any skills gaps. 

Keeping Job Seekers Informed

Employers and recruitment teams need to do all they can to generate better visibility for their open roles. But, successful recruitment is not just about visibility; it’s about presenting all the unique benefits, perks, and upskilling opportunities to the prospects within the jobs posts themselves. Jobiak has created solutions to help employers create better visibility and highly-optimized job posts to attract the top talent circling the open market. 

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