What Are the Best Career Pages Doing? 4 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Company Career Page 

While posting on job boards is one popular way to recruit candidates, company career pages are core to a good recruitment strategy. And they vary depending on the business.

The career page can be modest for smaller businesses, maybe only hosting one or two job descriptions at any given time. Others may be enormous, with each division of the company having its own dedicated career page. 

Learning from what the best career pages are doing to attract top talent can help companies of all sizes improve their recruitment efforts and be more efficient in their talent acquisition.

We will examine what it takes to set up one of the best career pages available, and also where missteps can occur during the development process.

1) Optimize for Online Visibility 

Without a doubt, a career page needs to be properly formatted and optimized for maximum online visibility.

If a business career page is not optimized for search, it has very little chance of ranking when jobseekers are exploring online job opportunities. 

A well-written and engaging job description will have very little value to a business if it does not get seen by the proper candidates or any candidates for that matter. That is why aligning career pages and job descriptions with Google for Jobs is very important.

If a business career page is not optimized for search, it has very little chance of ranking

Aligning your job description data with the ranking signals Google is looking for will give your business the advantage of having the most dominant search engine on the planet recognize your job postings before it sees your competition. This will bring a healthier flow of job candidates to your career page. A career page is only as good as the number of people that see it and convert as applicants. 

2) Have an Excellent UX

Great, now that your career page is optimized for Google for Jobs it needs to have a friendly, attractive, and intuitive user experience (UX). 

It has been reported that 88% of consumers are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience. Those statistics do not bode well for highly desirable job candidates browsing through potential employment prospects.

How does the UX of your career page engage job seekers?

If a jobseeker senses that the user interface for the career page was not designed with care and attention to detail, it speaks volumes about the company’s abilities, understanding, and internal competences. A good example of this is how you design how users can browse open positions. More and more companies are allowing users to browse job openings by department, location, part-time/full-time, etc.

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3) Keep Your Career Page Up To Date

This is a multi-faceted point that goes far beyond keeping your job posts up to date. Obviously, jobs should be pulled down as they are filled and your newest jobs should be posted ASAP to reach maximum exposure on Google for Jobs.

Another core thing to keep in mind — especially during these turbulent times — is ensuring your career page reflects the current state of affairs beyond just “finding a job.” Have your company’s values changed or evolved at all? Are there stances you would like to make public not just as a company, but also as an employer brand?


This point ties in with the next one, and can be done through video and imagery. SquareSpace, for example, used to have a bunch of people working alongside one another. Since they clearly weren’t socially distancing at the time (because it was before COVID-19 and nobody was!), they changed their background image to still reflect their target audience.

4) Make Your Company’s Core Values and Ideology Known

Last but not least, the best career pages go far beyond the job description and technical aspects of the page well composed. They’ve also got the company philosophy and ideologies prominently featured. This is so that candidates can assess whether or not they fit into the company culture and can see themselves aligning with company values. 

A great example of this would be Airbnb’s career page

Airbnb has constructed their career page with the following details at top of mind:

  • Up-to-date roles by location listed at the top of the page
  • Mission statement tied into an introduction for jobseekers and why they should world there
  • Core values listed out on the page and available in slides
  • Attractive design, imagery, UX
  • Benefits and perks described in modest detail on page
  • Images and tours of international office spaces 

All of these content and development choices on the Airbnb career page help job prospects access all the information they could desire in an easy-to-use interface. And, if that wasn’t enough the page gives great insight into company culture and ideology. 

This is why Airbnb’s career page should be looked at as one of the best career pages and a reference point for other companies to strive after. 

What Are the Best Career Pages Doing?

The best career pages maintain a balance of creating enough visibility to attract the right job candidates, while also offering them a pleasant on-page experience to solicit applications. This harmony is reached with technology and business philosophies working together to present the business as attractive as possible.

To learn more about creating job posting visibility and aligning your data with Google, please contact us.

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