Will AI Be Synonymous With Recruitment?

In the 21st century, artificial intelligence (AI) has worked its way into nearly all aspects of our daily life, from predicting which music we should listen to next on Spotify to facial recognition software on our phones. 

However, there are still areas of our lives where AI is a newcomer. Professional recruitment is one of these areas. Increasingly, companies are looking to AI for help in their recruitment–from targeted advertising to onboarding and employee engagement. This article will look at the role of AI in each step of the recruitment process, as it stands in 2022.

Targeted Advertising 

Companies have been using some level of AI to reach out to potential candidates for a while. For example, Indeed and LinkedIn use AI to match candidates with desirable skills to jobs listed on their platforms- this is done with their proprietary algorithms. Some companies are taking AI in job posting even further, sending recruiting emails to potential candidates without using a job board site as an intermediary. Jobiak has pushed the potential of targeted advertising even further by advancing programmatic advertising fueled by AI-driven systems. Programmatic advertising utilizes complex algorithms to show people the right ads at the right time – Jobiak has been able to merge this type of paid recruitment technology with Google for Jobs to showcase job opportunities to a massive userbase, unlike any other.  


The AI software that companies use to advertise to potential candidates has also proven useful for assessing interested candidates’ qualifications. The most basic method is giving applicants quizzes as part of their application process to see how well they will fit into the team. Quizzes are only the tip of the iceberg for assessing candidates. Many software companies are marketing software to manage the arduous process of sifting through resumes and rejecting underqualified candidates. 

However, this type of software comes with some risks. It can be tough to tell what dataset the company used to train their AI and whether that dataset was diverse. As companies have become more aware of diversity, equity, and inclusion issues, they have started to look for ways to ensure that they are recruiting using AI trained with a diverse dataset. 


Training new employees can be a complicated process with various steps, and some of those steps are easier to automate than others. Recently, companies have begun to slowly automate some of the simpler tasks in the onboarding process; this is especially useful in collecting information on new employees, sending new employees training videos, and setting up bots to answer any questions new employees may have. 

Recruiting is becoming increasingly automated, but functions still require human oversight. For now, companies have many choices when it comes to automating their recruitment. They can either use a service that automates their entire recruitment process or slowly automate their process one step at a time. 

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