Facebook for Jobs? Facebook Job Postings Predicted to Skyrocket…Soon — Jobiak on the Chad and Cheese Podcast

Jobiak’s CEO and founder, Venkat Janapareddy, recently appeared on Chad and Cheese as part of the top HR podcasts’ Voices series, which features some of the most influential figures in the recruitment industry.

In his last couple of appearances on the podcast, Venkat discussed the importance of salary estimates, SEO job descriptions, the battle between Indeed vs Google for Jobs (GFJ), and, most recently, discussing Google schema.

In this segment, Venkat discusses his predictions for Facebook job postings…and why the social media giant’s decision to step into the job space could spell trouble for Google.

Facebook Job Postings Could Rival GFJ

One of the major topics discussed in this episode (beginning at the 7:15 mark) is how Facebook is entering the job market more seriously than ever before.

Facebook job postings have actually existed for a while. But now they’re expanding to more and more white collar jobs.

“They started with local jobs, blue collar local jobs, but now they’re starting to integrate with ATSs,” says Venkat. “They want to go after every single job.”

According to Venkat, Facebook is also pouring a lot more money into their job postings and their own online job ad technology than Google for Jobs is. Venkat also sees Facebook’s status as a social media site as another advantage Facebook for Jobs would have over GFJ as it could help them target specific niches.

It doesn’t end there with the “copycat” platforms that are capitalizing on jobs data. In the near future, Jobiak predicts that after it launches a new product, there will be a rush of similar programs. Venkat, Chad, and Cheese agree that other platforms, like LinkedIn and even Bing, could see their own form of these “X for Jobs” platforms in the very near future.Learn about other current issues with the online job market, how other tech comes into play with online recruitment, and more information on the Google for Jobs vs Indeed in the latest Voices episode here.

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