Using Google Jobs Search Engine: How to Create Job Posts that Rank High on Google

Improve the SEO of Your Job Post Descriptions

We see you, talent acquisition superstars. You pour your heart and soul into writing job advertisements with the obvious goal of attracting the best candidates to fill those job openings… and fast. Next, your plan is to post those beauties to Google for Jobs aka the Google jobs search engine because you know that 73% of job seekers start their search on Google.

You may have even figured out how to deal with the structured job posting schema that Google for Jobs requires. But are your job posts SEO optimized? It’s time to ask yourself some very important questions:

  1. How do I optimize our job postings?
  2. How do I find keywords for a job posting?
  3. How do I get my employment ads to rank high on Google?

In other words, have you applied the right SEO posting techniques to ensure that all your hard work is seen by the candidates you want to attract?

Is your answer to these questions absolutely yes? If you are not sure, read on to give your job post the edge it deserves.

How to Have Your Job Posting Ads Rank High in Google Jobs Search Engine

Optimization is critical to making sure your job posts are actually seen.

Today, we’re going to look at five features of our platform that improve the SEO of your job descriptions and optimize your job posts.

All of these optimization features use machine learning to make recommendations on how to improve the Google rankings of your job post. Here’s what Jobiak does to deliver the best search engine results:

1. Scours Google Adwords

Our machine learning algorithms look at real-time alternate keywords from Google Ads and generate keywords. The Jobiak platform is like your Google jobs search engine expert sidekick — it’s constantly looking at what words are being used the most in Google Adwords and tells you what are the most commonly used words. By arming you with a list of up-to-date keywords, you can make changes quickly right within the Jobiak platform to achieve maximum visibility.

For example, if you were looking to advertise a job post for an Embedded Engineer, Jobiak would present the relative keywords to that position.

Optimize your job advertisements base on up-to-date keywords based on Google Adwords

2. Looks at Real-time Search

Identifying what keywords people are searching in real time on Google for Jobs is essential to create high-ranking job posts. Jobiak’s platform takes real-time search terms and generates those as keywords. See the example below for a Computer Programmer job post.

Suggestions for SEO optimized keywords for job postings

3.  Generates Alternate Job Titles

By looking at 20 million jobs titles and analyzing performance via fool-proof machine learning algorithms, Jobiak recommends the job title that will make you rank higher in the Google jobs search engine. This job title is an alternative to the one you created but our algorithms tell us that this will get you better results than your original title.

For example, your job title may be Physician Assistant, but the Jobiak’s machine learning tells you by using the title Nurse Practitioner, your posting will rank higher in Google for Jobs. Then, you make the educated choice based on analytics.

Below is an example of alternate job titles for a lead software engineer.

Learn how to create Job posting titles that rank high in Google

4. Recommends Optimal Job Skills Description

Coming up with a clear list of skills required for your job description is not always easy. A succinct list is imperative to attracting the right candidate to the job.

The Jobiak machine learning platform looks at your current title, compares it to other job postings with the same title, identifies what’s missing from your list, and recommends the skill list that will perform well in Google for Jobs. It is up to you whether you want to accept the suggestions.

5. Suggests Job Titles Based on Job Description

Similar to the alternate job titles, Jobiak scours millions of job descriptions and identifies what the best title is for that job description. By best, we mean which title will rank highest in Google from an SEO perspective and garner the most attention.

At this point in the recruitment cycle, it matters more, that the qualified candidate finds your job posting than it does to have the job description be aligned with your company naming conventions. Again, the final decision is up to you and making changes in the Jobiak platform is intuitive and quick.

How to Boost Your Job Post Ranking on Google

It’s not simple, is it? Fret not.

The Jobiak platform helps you develop the most impactful SEO-optimized job posting that ranks high in Google. The best part is that Jobiak simplifies your processes while taking the guesswork out of SEO. Jobiak’s Machine Learning platform optimizes the tagging based on learnings from millions of monitored postings to deliver high ranking job posts.

Contact us today to get your job posts optimized and in front of your top candidates.

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