Job Descriptions and Salaries — How Pay Transparency Leads to Success: Jobiak on the Chad and Cheese Podcast

Jobiak’s CEO and founder, Venkat Janapareddy, recently appeared on Chad and Cheese as part of the top HR podcasts’ Voices series, which features some of the most influential figures in the recruitment industry. 

In his last appearance, Venkat discussed the importance of SEO job descriptions and landing pages for ranking on Google for Jobs (GFJ).

In this segment, Venkat goes into a bit more detail on the importance of piecing together a variety of job posting tips and tricks to generate high rankings on GFJ, including job keywords and job category (he goes into detail on this at the 5:00 mark of the podcast).

Of particular importance, says Venkat, is including a job’s salary in its description.

Job Salaries Are Job Keywords: Here’s Why

Venkat and the Jobiak team have found that pay transparency is one of the most important inclusions for ranking on Google for Jobs for employers.

Despite this understanding of the importance of job descriptions and salaries, Venkat has found that “90% of jobs on Google for Jobs don’t have salary [in the description].”

Including a salary is not only an important factor for a high ranking on Google for Jobs, but it also improves the job seeker & candidate experience overall. 

The difficulty many face is changing the mindset of employers who are convinced that including a salary in their job advertisement reduces their negotiating power during the interview process.

This thought process is flawed and dated, though. Why? Tune into the 8:43 mark of the podcast to find out.Learn the expert details straight from Venkat on the “secret sauce” behind perfecting job keywords, descriptions, and more by listening to the latest Voices episode!

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