SEO, Job Descriptions, Landing Pages, Oh My!: Jobiak on the Chad and Cheese Podcast

Jobiak’s CEO and founder, Venket Janapareddy, recently appeared on Chad and Cheese as part of the top HR podcasts’ Voices series which features some of the most influential figures in the recruitment industry. On the first episode in this series with “HR’s most dangerous podcast”, Venkat shared some SEO job description tips to help recruiters determine what matters most when trying to get relevant eyes on job posts. 

With some discussion of Google’s technical schema (starting around the 8:09 mark of the podcast), much of the commentary highlights the SEO and job description aspect of online recruitment. And namely, the importance of landing pages. 

A Critical Component of SEO Performance: Job Landing Pages

For the purposes of online recruitment and job posting, a “landing page” refers to the page with the job description that contains the “apply” button. Ideally, Google for Jobs scoops this version of a job up (not one posted on a job board). It’s there where you’ll find your real value.

It’s no longer enough to post on a bunch of job boards, meet Google’s technical schema and call it a day. As Venket said during the podcast: 

“If you [think] you’re just going to put the job schema and let it show up, 50% of your jobs [won’t] even show up and [are] not even searchable on Google for Jobs.”

To be truly successful with Google for Jobs and recruitment marketing in the online space, Venket emphasizes that landing pages need to be entirely optimized with proper keywords, salary, location, and more. 

And on top of optimizing the posts, the pages themselves should have certain URL patterns and contain things like related jobs.

Check out that part of the conversation starting around the 9:54 mark of the podcast.

Want More Details?

Learn all about Venkat’s specific SEO landing page ideas, along with other important GFJ details and SEO 101 tips, by listening to the podcast.

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