If I post my jobs to a job board, won’t the job show up on Google for Jobs?


Yes, many job boards will pass their jobs to Google for Jobs (though as of this writing, Indeed is not integrated with Google for Jobs). In addition, many of the job aggregation sites that have sprung up to feed traffic to the major job boards are also integrated with Google for Jobs.

This is an option if you are willing to one: pay to post all of your jobs to an integrated job board, and two if you are willing to allow the job boards to siphon away your best applicants. Google for Jobs treats every Apply option equally so now your prospective applicants have to choose where to go to apply and your website is not an option. [see example above] Once on the job board has pulled your best prospects to their site, they are going to maximize that click to display ads, potentially show other related jobs, and dilute your brand message. In addition, the job seeker experience degrades exponentially with each subsequent click and job seekers may never reach your careers page to learn more about what its like to work at your company.

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