Bing for Jobs vs Google for Jobs

Over the past five years, the world’s biggest search engine platforms invested time and resources into the online job search and recruiting marketplace. By developing their platforms, Google and [...]

How to Read Body Language in an Interview

 Think about how you communicate with others. In addition to the words you use, you also rely on facial expressions, gestures, physical touch, and more. In fact, experts say that around 55 [...]

Virtual Career Fair: 3 Tips for Success

The career fair is a staple for many organizations. These fairs target both active and passive candidates and can help you find job seekers for a variety of positions across departments with a [...]

Recruiting Startups Making an Impact

  Hiring Success 19 is almost here! On February 26 and 27th in San Francisco at Pier 27, SmartRecruiters brings together 1,200 talent acquisition leaders to define the future of recruiting. [...]